Fursuit Tails


(Base $200 tail price is for my standard large "kidney-belt" type tails. If you want a "belt loop" type tail, receive $50 off the tail price! Be aware that loop type does not work well with tailbags)

Fursuit Tails ~$250

The most standout feature of my fursuit tails is their size. They are big! I tend to make most standard tails as an "s" shape. If you want a smaller tail you can specifically ask, but I will go big by default. Be aware that these usually result in "floor draggers" or coming close-to. If your sona has a tail tip that is darker in color it wont show dirt noticeably. If your sonas tail tip is lighter you may want to request a *moderately* shorter "hanging tail", in which case I will need your waist height!

You can also have long tails that don't drag on the ground by selecting a "Kidney-Belt" type tail with either a "super motion" core, or a "Dense Polyfil" core. This looks best for scalies since the tail sticks straight out from the back more erect, but I also have this tail type on Yellowcake and it looks great.

$200 is the base price for most Kidney Belt, regular polyfil type tails. Complex patterns will include a surcharge. For reference, a tail like the Yellowcake tail or Tiger tail shown below would incur a ~$100 Surcharge. 

Yellowcakes tail (would be an additional 100, 300 total)

Tiger tail, (would be an additional $100, 300 total)

Jax Fox tail, Belt loop type, ($50 off, $150)

Rugie Tail, Belt loop Type ($50 off, $150 total)

Skye goat, small kidney-belt tail

Sebastian the Deer, small belt loop tail

Lance the wolf large kidney belt tail

Xera Wraps small tail

Tail Core Types

Below are several tail core types, and any surcharges applicable:

Poly-Fil stuffing

tail with "dense polyfil" packing. (chair stuck lol)

super motion tail core (not my image)

Tail Belt Types

2 Major types of tail belts, Kidney belts are what I typically use.

Large Kidney belt tail with complex patterns (additional 150, so 350 total)

Belt loop type tail with complex patterns (would be $50 off but an additional $100, so 250 total)

Short suit-attached tail (would be $50 off or 150)

Short kidney belt tail (Would be $50 off or 150)

Spikes and Spines

For additional fees I can add whatever extra features your sona requires on the tail and back! In particular, for dragons, spines and spikes can be made from fleece, minky, or fur, and added to your tail and/or back at your request. Scales can also be shaved into long-pile fur on body suits and tails. Contact me for quotes on tails with these features!

Custom Tail Bags ~$250

Tired of getting your stuff all sweaty in your suit pockets? Want a stylish way to carry it? Tailbags!

2 custom color/style canvas bags that mount on either side of your tail-base, with plenty of smaller pockets. Also clips to your belt so it wont slide down! 

Works best with kidney-belt mounted tails (standard with all atomic suits)

Servo Tails (Coming Soon)

Coming soon: Arduino and 12v servo driven animatronic tails! The base of big tail cores is the perfect place to stash heavy batteries and electric motors. 

Servo Tails are planned to have 2 axes of flexion. The servo will push and pull on cables seated on opposite sides of wooden vertebrae. Between the wooden vertebrae will sit plenty of urethane foam for squishy recoil. 

Use pre-made arduino scripts for various wagging animations, or control yourself with a joystick or IMU motion tracker! 

Prices will be available once prototyping is done!