Suit Prices & Features


Suit Prices

Note: Suit prices are heavily subject to specific design parameters. If your suit has complex patterns or non-standard features it may increase the price. Contact me at my Telegram or Twitter for all inquiries and to get a better quote. I can give the most accurate quotes if you contact me with a ref sheet ready.   

Full Fursuit: (includes head, handpaws, footpaws, bodysuit, and tail) 

Partial fursuit: (includes head, handpaws, and tail) ~$1500 (~$150 off)

(For more information on plantigrade and digitigrade suits check the Bodysuits page)

Protogen Full Armor: (Includes Chest, Hips, and Shoulder Armor, with electronics, and made compatible with your Protogen head) ~$6000

(Protogen suits are very complicated and may require additional suit parts depending on preference. Check the Mk.4 Protogen Armor section for info on Protogen commissions, or the Protogens&Synths page for Synths and other electronics)

Yellowcake Digitigrade Suit

Shiro Sergal Digitigrade suit with optional buttpads

Jax Foxx Plantigrade Fullsuit 

Sky Goat Partial fursuit (tail not seen) 

Price Estimates by part

(Click on the links next to each part to visit a page detailing features and options)

Fursuit head: Moth: Xera Wraps

Plantigrade Bodysuit: Sheruto Wolvsein 

Digitigrade Bodysuit: Tora the Stallion 

Digitigrade Footpaws

Plantigrade Footpaws: Jax foxx 

Handpaws and Sleeves: Roki Raccoon 

Digi-Stilts: Tora the Stallion 

Tails: Tyler the Tiger

Specialty suit parts

Below is a non-exhaustive list of all the specialty suit parts you can commission from me. If you'd like me to make a novel fursuit part not listed here or on my other pages contact me via my Telegram or Twitter to discuss how you want it made and to get a quote. 

Sleeves ~$200

These are definitely recommended for using a partial suit! 

Make sure you give me the circumference of your bicep and wrist, and the length from your wrist to armpit!

I line the sleeves with fleece matching your suit colors. I also sew elastic strap to both holes using a Z-stitch to help it grip.

If you want additional sleeve support to be absolutely sure they wont slide down I can add velcro- elastic straps to connect over the back of your neck for an additional $30.

Half-masks ~$750

Want all the comfort of a ballroom mask combined with the looks of a fursuit head? I offer Half-masks for just that! They can be worn over the face, only revealing your chin when looking up...Or slide it up to look like an orc warlord wearing your sonas pelt!...ok thats a little morbid...

Great for situations where you want to use your mouth...whatever those could be

All the options available for regular heads can be added to Half-Masks! They are basically "softback" fursuit heads without a jaw, but optimized for this configuration.

Kigurumis ~$800

Kigus are made from fleece and minky custom for your sona. No Duct tape Dummy needed, just a few sizing questions! Comes standard with your sonas mug hand-stitched onto the hood, optional snoot  and ears. 

Kigus come standard with pockets, and attached fleece paw-mittens. Big front buttons of your chosen color. Choose between floor-dragger tails or hanging. Optional fur on head, scruff, or other specified areas. 

I can handle complex patterns for additional fees! As a reference, a kigurumi of yellowcakes patterns would be an additional ~$200

Plushies (Price Varies)

I can make all sorts of plushies using fleece, fur, and minky for you. As the plushie gets bigger the savings get greater! I tend to make *big* plushies. 

I typically use poly-fil for plushies. I can also use bean-bag filler at your request. 

(Pic courtesy of the SamsonKittyFox Channel) 

Wings (Price Varies)

If you've got a dragon, bat, avian, or other winged sona, we've got solutions! The prices are heavily dependent on wing size and style. Larger wings will always increase the price!

Custom Tailbags ~$250

Tired of getting your stuff all sweaty in your suit pockets? Want a stylish way to carry it? Tailbags!

2 custom color/style canvas bags that mount on either side of your tail-base, with plenty of smaller pockets. Also clips to your belt so it wont slide down! 

Works best with kidney-belt mounted tails (standard with all atomic suits)

Custom Canvas Totes ~$300

Regular duffel bags usually just aren't big enough for fursuits. If you want a custom canvas bag made the right size for your suit and with plenty of extra pockets, let me know! Totes have hard bottoms and a semi-rigid scaffold. 

Future plans include: 

Props (Prices vary)

Both Armor, and props are my specialty! I have a full machine shop and can make tough props out of 3D-prints, machined wood, EVA foam, fiberglass, and more. Check the Cosplay Corner for a gallery of more examples. 

Electronic components will always be less to commission in props! 

Contact me via my Telegram or Twitter to get a quote!  

3D-Printed Glasses ~$60

Made with your choice of Filament color. I can model any frame shape you like! Optional colored gel Lenses at your request. Glasses are foldable! 

Held on with elastic-strap around the back of the head, or cut small slits in the cheek fur to slip the arms in

Optional: For an additional $20 If you bring your head I will perform a 1 hour surgery to add Neodymium magnets right below your ears for snap-on glasses.

Arduino LED Goggles ~$300

Check the Custom Electronics page for more details on these and similar electronics. 

These 3D printed goggles use an Arduino and WS2812b LED's along with my code. I'll write custom code for your pair to give you a bunch of different colors and effects to your liking. Rechargeable LiPO battery is integrated into the goggles. Optional touch  sensors or magnetic switches at your request.  

Colored Gel lenses optional

These are Sized to fit over toony eyes properly, unlike the typical rave goggles you can buy at cons

Laser-Cut/3D-Printed Badges 

I can convert suitable digital art into vector graphics for making badges! Options include:


For specialty collars, harnesses, and other NSFW features and accessories, contact me at Telegram or Twitter. Some features include:

Custom Electronics

I use Arduino and other tech to make all sorts of Custom Electronics for use in fursuits. Check out the page for details on dynamic LED systems, voice modulators, and other systems I can integrate into your suit. 

Protogens & Synths

I recently finished the Mk.3 version of my Protocake Protogen fullsuit. Head to the Protogens&Synths page to get price estimates on all sorts of protogen/synth parts and a full timeline of Protocake's progress. 

MK.4 Protogen Armor is ready for production! head to the Protogens&Synths Page to check it out!


The Cosplay Corner mostly showcases all the armor and other cosplay i've made over the last 10 years, as well as some of my fabrication methods and how that translates to fursuits.

This page also has a section on HEMA(Historical European Martial Arts), and showcases the gear i've made including wooden practice swords, spears, and all sorts of shields. 

Stickers and 2D Art

Check the Stickers and 2D Art page for price estimates on custom stickers from me! I also make meme-template stickers at a discounted price. 

The page also showcases some of my older conventional art, Art i've commissioned from other and been gifted, and a bit of Dall-E 2 art.

VRchat/Neos Avatars

Check the VRChat&Neos Avatars page for a gallery of my custom avatars and VRchat dance footage from Furality, as well as price estimates/ policies on commissioning custom avatars from me!

Stick around for all the info on how to buy Full-Body Slime Trackers, or make your own! I also have plenty of footage of slime trackers in action!

DJ'ing, Custom Audio and Automotive

Check out the DJing, Audio and Automotive page to see recorded DJ content, along with demos of the Costco Rave Table, the Mobile DJ Table, custom woofer cabinets, and other mobile sound systems.

Auto repairs and motorcycle maintenance are also available, along with custom subwoofer installations!

Pre-Made Suits 

As of mid 2023 I am booked up with custom commissions for the foreseeable future... but, in the future if go through a dry-spell in commissions, or if I just feel a bit of artistic inspiration I may work on pre-made suits to use up materials.

If this is ever done, expect the pre-mades to be very colorful with crazy designs! I'll also make ref-sheets for all my pre-mades. Purchasing a pre-made will come with the ref-sheets and all rights to the character. No pre-mades will be fullsuits (to avoid sizing issues). I can make adjustments to the head, hands, feet, and tail to fit you(part of the purchase price). If you purchase a pre-made I can make you a DTD body suit and feet to fit at a discount. To get this discount you need to commission them at the same time you purchase the rest of the Pre-made Partial. 

Price estimates for pre-made fursuits are as follows:

Any updates on Pre-made suits will appear here! Any available pre-mades will also appear here in a gallery with more accurate pricing.