(If you see yourself in any of these pics message me on Telegram or Twitter for a tag!) 

I'd also like thank Samson Kittyfox for recording a lot of this footage. They have been working fervently on their youtube channel found Here. A few of my convention compilations below link to his channel. Please consider subscribing to them!  

Conducting Business at Conventions

I am always willing to handle business transactions with clients at conventions to streamline the process! Conventions are usually good deadlines for commissions. Meeting with me at cons to pickup or drop off suit parts, pay in cash, match fur colors, or coordinate trades are always available options for you! I understand that paying for gas or shipping to my workshop can get expensive, especially for bulky suits. I encourage clients to coordinate commission deadlines for conventions and/or fur meets and parties. 

Even if I wont be in attendance for a particular convention or meet, I probably know someone who is! Most furries are very willing to help out with transporting suits!

I am also willing to complete larger tasks for you at conventions like fursuit repairs, duct tape dummies, and sizing. I recommend in such instances that we plan to arrive at the convention early or the day before. For very large repairs or modifications, if you book a hotel for an extra day I can even stay with you that night to finish the work. 

Remember that I live in the northeast Ohio area (Ravenna). For reference I am 40 minutes from Cleveland, 2 hours from Pittsburgh, 2 hours from columbus, 4 hours from Cincinnati and 4 hours from Detroit. I usually only attend conventions within driving distance because my gear is too large and heavy for flight. 

Conventions I am Likely to Attend


Early July in downtown Pittsburgh, PA Anthrocon website. Attendance ~10,000 

pic with MeteorTheProto 

Sheruto and Roki

pic with DatBlueHusky 

Left, Protocake with Apothecary UFO's. Right, awesome long exposure from Shutter on Twitter 

protogen meetup


Motor City Fur Con

Late March in Detroit, MI MCFC website. Attendance ~1000 

Various group pics with Maes, Sheruto, Samson, Zel, Schrodinger, Clutch, Sebastian, Zororeo, and Rood

Garret and Arco  


Late May in Columbus, OH. Anthrohio Website.  Attendance ~1200

Midwest Fur Fest

Late November near Chicago, IL MFF website. Attendance ~14,000

Big sad

Better luck next time champ! The biggest fur con in the world and I miss it, twice! 

Oh I planned it too... I pre-registered for MFF 2021 well in advance. The stage was set! I was working my butt off day and night to finish commissions for everyone in time and it all seemed like it was gonna work out... then my mom got covid... and she got worse, and I allready knew I needed to stay home to care for her. But then the day before MFF I came down with a fever. 

My commissions weren't even done yet but I was so close. I took a covid test, negative. Took another covid test, still negative. It was clear to me that I wasn't yet contagous so there was still time! My client was allready on their way to me. I informed them of the situation and we decided to go for it. I finished their body suit and rebuilt their head enough to get by in just 3 hours with a 102 fever, then SHOVED them out the door with my blessings. 

I endured, my mom endured, and our risky decision payed off. My client went straight to MFF uninfected with a crisp new suit! Sure I was bummed, but getting the work done for my clients was most important to me. 

As for this year? well, I am on my final semester of engineering school currently, and paying for it out of pocket. Between my college fees and finals, attending MFF in 2022 was...a pipe dream, but hey everyone else had fun!

Next year for sure! We are letting it rideeee baybeee. I registered 2 years ago and i've still got a badge with my name on it dammit! 

Conventions I May Attend in Coming Years

Texas Furry Fiesta, Late March, Dallas, TX. TFF website Attendance ~5,500 

Furry Weekend Atlanta, Mid May, Atlanta, GA. FWA website Attendance ~7,300

Western PA Furry Weekend, Early October, Hampton, PA. WPAFW website Attendance ~500  (Attended in 2022)

Top Left with Maes Bat  Right side with Modem Protogen  

Modem Protogen  on the left

I love their Colors!!

my partner Dexter <3

Digi stilts!

8 ft tall

wow such large

digi stilts work with the protogen too!

size difference~

more size difference~

MORE size difference


Another awesome shot by Shutter 

Roughing up my bf  Dexter 

Most of these vids were recorded by  Samson Kittyfox, so a big thank you to him! :3 

Megaplex, August or September, Orlando, FL. Megaplex website Attendance ~4500 (Attended in 2021)

Confuzzled, Late May, Birmingham, UK. Confuzzled Website Attendance ~2000 

Biggest Little Fur Con, Late October, Reno, NV. BLFC website Attendance~5500

Other Group Pics!

From Colossalcon 2021 furmeets

Other Group Pics

with Dexter

with Dexter