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Anime Cons I still attend

Cosplay Manufacturing Methods

Cosplay techniques typically fall into 2 categories, armor and fabrics. Fursuit making is mostly in the fabric side however I have applied some armoring strategies as well, which is why they are so durable. 

Armoring can be done with EVA foam (gray floorpad puzzle piece material) and hot glue. A heat gun can be used to contour EVA foam into a variety of shapes. It is suitable for pieces like vambraces and pauldrons. larger pieces need rigid foam. On Pyramid Head for instance, or for prop shields, High Density Polystyrene foam panelboard from the hardware store is suitable. 

The most advanced techniques I use for cosplay armoring involve fiberglass, epoxies, and vacuforming. I Prep 3D models in Blender and decimate the polygon count so that it can be processed by a program called Pepakura. Pepakura turns the model into polygons on standard letter paper. This gets glue to stock card, then cut and folded into the piece. Fiberglass is then carefully built up on the cardboard model , sanded, and top-coated. I've found that corn starch makes for an excellent fiberglass resin thickener. Add to desired consistency and paint onto your armor piece for a smooth surface. 

Commissioning Cosplay and Armor

Cosplay and Armor is subject to far more variation in complexity than fursuits. For this reason I wont provide quote estimates for armor and cosplay. you'll need to contact me through the usual methods (Telegram Twitter) so we can discuss your design. Video game characters with ripped models are the easiest to use since I can apply Pepakura. 

As a rough outline, these armors are very uncomfortable to wear and require a lot of endurance. They aren't nearly as hot as fursuits but they are heavy. See some rough estimates on prices below:

I would charge approximately 5000 USD for armor with complexity similar to Dragonslayer Ornstein

I would charge approximately 2500 USD for armor with complexity similar to Elite Knight or Fallen Knight

I would charge approximately 1000 USD for a pyramid head, his great knife, and garb  

Matsuricon Judges Award!

Won with my mimic chest in 2019

Other goodies from that con

Group pics!

Yellowcake 1.0 alongside havel, Elite knight, and ornstein

Guts helm, Ornstein, and elite knight being painted

Cosplay Showcase (Newest to Oldest)

Dragonslayer Ornstein (Dark Souls)

Zel Goat wearing Ornstein

me with ornstein

Ornstein on armor stand


ooo shiny!





Fiberglass resin+ Cornstarch topcoat


upper and lower canons of vambrace

with jaw

without jaw

3rd head attempt (Successful)

EVA foam detail

Eva foam detail on chest armor

Cardboard model was held up with string to ceiling

Pepakura of third (and successful) attempt

Failed second attempt at ornstein (With pepakura) it was too large

Failed first attempt at Ornstein with clay


Armor in Progress

Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

Pyramid Head 3.0 (Silent Hill 2)

Pyramid head 2.0



2.0 and 1.0

1.0 great knife (fiberglassed)

Pyramid Head 1.0

raw HDPS foam

Elite Knight/Oscar of Astora (Dark souls)

Fallen Knight (Dark Souls)

Silver Chariot (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)


Mimic Chest (Dark Souls)

Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls)

Havel the Rock (Dark Souls)

Father Mask (Dark Souls)

Shields (Dark Souls)

Odogaron Mask (Monster Hunter)

Guts Helmet (Berserk)

Shovel Knight and Friends

Other Cosplay

Yes Man Junior (Earthbound)

Mr. Saturn (Earthbound)

Smaaaash (Earthbound)

exosuit mock (College engineering project)

Saiyan armor (cardboard) 

Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid 1)


Richter Belmont (Castlevania)

NCR Ranger (Fallout)


Doom Guy (Sheet metal)

Prop showcase


Medic Gun (Team Fortress 2)

Heavy Minigun (Team Fortress 2)

Zap Guns (Call of Duty Black Ops)

HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)

HEMA is awesome, its sort of a halfway point between LARPing and Martial arts. HEMA exists on a continuum, some use all modern composite armors and just train fighting, some like to wear steel armor as a proper reenactment. Either way its a great workout!

I've made and modified my own sparring equipment according to guidelines, as well as bought and crafter all sorts of practice weapons and shields. 

Arming the furries!

Furry Banners

DIY chainmail!

individual chainmail rings

weighted blanket!

DIY sparring gear!

diy sparring gear with dog bowl bucklers

HEMA practice weapons

LARPing swords


HEMA Shields

Armor Rack!

Armor racks


Blacksmithing (coming soon)

I've been screwing around with fiberglass armor and wooden practice swords for long enough. Soon i'm gonna purchase a good anvil and get to forging steel!