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Get a Fursuit Quote!

Tentative estimates for completion times are as follows:

  • 6 months for Protogen armor

  • 3 months for Protogen or Synth heads

  • 4 months for full digitigrade suits

  • 3 months for full plantigrade suits

  • 2 months for partial suits

  • 1-2 months for individual parts or accessories

Preferred contacts:

  • Telegram @Chuzzlepuff, checked several times every day!

  • Twitter @Chuzzlepuff, checked every couple days!

Be ready to answer some questions!

  • Have a reference sheet ready!

  • Deciding between design parameters

  • Absolute Deadlines for completion (usually a con)

  • Fur preferences (which vendor, matching with existing parts ect)

Phase 2 will involve the following:

  • Down-payments

  • Fur and supply ordering

  • Duct tape dummy

Thank you so much for your patronage! Its an honor to serve the furry community doing what I love, I really mean it<3