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Commissioned Suits

Check the Pre-2023 Suit Commissions , Post-2023 Suit Commissions , or 2024 Suit Commissions pages for detailed progress pics of every suit!

Nicole Head

Wicker Full Digisuit

Cybalt Partial

Willow Full Digisuit

Void Protogen

Tab Fullsuit (minus head)

Shrodinger Head

Aurora Fullsuit

Kirkoglu Fullsuit

Shade Protogen Full armor  Twitter 

Tyrannus full batsuit Telegram 

Dexter full Bodysuit  Twitter 

JtingF Digi Stilts Twitter 

Chomp Doggo Head Twitter 

Zororeo Twitter 

Sonic Skunk  Telegram 

Sheruto Wolvsein Twitter 

Skye goat Twitter 

Shade Protogen Feet Twitter 

Tora the Stallion Twitter 

Samson Kittyfox Twitter 



Roki Raccoon

Rugie Shep

Dexter Shepherd telegram Twitter 

Xeon Mechderg telegram

Seabastian Deer Twitter 

Trivean Wolf Twitter  Telegram 

Arco Derg Twitter 

Schrodinger's Fox telegram Twitter 

Gavin Rabbit Twitter  Telegram 

Lance the Wolf Telegram  Twitter   

Darkeith Smoothscale telegram Twitter 

Koda Fox Twitter 

Zel Goat Twitter 

Xera Wraps Moth

Jax Fox Twitter Telegram  

Maes Bat telegram Twitter 

Sparkles Bunny Twitter 

Houndoom (early)

Tyler Tiger Twitter 

Shiro Sergal telegram


3D printed and colored badge

laser cut badge on wood

3d printed with glow filament

3d printed with glow filament

laser cut polycarbonate badge

3D printed badge for Valant

Laser cut polycarbonate

Laser cut polycarbonate

Laser cut polycarbonate badge for  Valant 

UV reactive and glow in the dark

Yellowcake 1.0 and 2.0 heads

Colossalcon black light minigolf

Uranium glass shot glasses and chalices

Yellowcake halfmask

strontium aluminate infused silicone pads

yellowcake 1.0

cake 1.0 with gas mask

retroreflector synthwave art

apothecary UFO pants

cake 1.0


Mr. Saturn Plush

Headcrab plush

Mr. Grrr, plushie reference body

more Mr. Grrrr

Samson plushy gore

Samson plushie bodies

soulless faces

Batch Progress Pics

totem pole

roki and rugie

roki and rugie

dexter and tora

whole party!

Maes and sammy (eyelids)

eye painting


foot party

bean party

foot party 2 

The Workshop

Seen below, Protogen and Synth shell molds, a large electronic part shipment, and lounging after a hard days work

my first laser cutter (K40)

fur swatches (from bigZ fabrics!)

custom 3d printer case

Homemade 240v vacuformer. (literally a giant toaster deathtrap)

Old Workshop during Fiberglassing

old workshop (surprisingly clean!)

Mimic teeth!