Fursuit Handpaws


(Add optional palm squeakers in removable velcro pouches for no additional fees)

(Handpaws are the same price for "Puffy" or "slim")

(Remember to get a few pairs of Lycra Gloves to assist in slipping in and out of your paws easily)

Handpaws ~$300

To make you a set of handpaws I need either your glove size or for you to send me an image of your outstretched palm next to a ruler. The latter is usually easier. With this I can begin to make your paw cores.

Paw Cores:

I start by tracing out finger placement onto sections of fleece matching your colors (or just black) according to your requested number of fingers. The palm cutouts overhang slightly past the hand outline, the back of the hands is the same template but stretched a few inches horizontally. If you decided you wanted Free Palm Squeakers to be added I sew velcro pockets for them into the palms. The halves are then sewn together, worn to check fit, and re-sewn along a more refined path. The margins are cut off and the backs of the hands are tapered with 2 pinched sewing lines to better contour the hands. 

Padding the Paw Cores:

If you selected 5 finger paws each finger will receive a minimal amount of sculpted 1/2 inch foam, glued to the backside of the fingers. If you selected 3 or 4 finger puffy paws then thicker layers of foam will be glued and contoured to the back of the hands. Once foaming is complete more fleece is glued over the foam sections to seal it. If applicable, claws are then added to the ends of the cores directly through either hand stitching, gluing, or both. 

Furring the paws:

Templates of both hands are made with duct tape in the same method as other suit parts. Duct tape templates are transferred to construction paper then fur with appropriate margins. The fingers always get pre-shaved to about 1/2 inch length. The palms also get shaved short but get to medium-long length at the cuffs. The back of the hand is usually medium long towards the fingers but is full length long-pile towards the cuffs. 

If you have fleece, minky, or fake leather pawpads they will get machine sewn to the individual pieces before assembly. If you have silicone pawpads they will get handstitched to the fur before assembly. 

The fingers and palm sections are all double hand-stitched together then reinforced with hot glue. The finished paw fur assemblies are then folded right side out and the cores are stuffed into them. no glue is used to hold the cores to the fur. The core cuffs are then double hand-stitched to the fur cuffs, and if there are claws they are also hand stitched or hot glued to the finger fur. At my discretion your handpaw fingers may get a final trimming with fabric scissors to better refine their shape. 

How to size your hand for me

Chomp Doggo handpaws 

Maes Bat handpaws 

Shiro Sergal Handpaws

Trivean Handpaws 

Zel hand hoofs 

Darkieth handpaws 

Roki handpaws 

Roki handpaws 

LanceTheWolf Handpaws 

Shiro Sergal handpaw cores

Xera Wraps Handpaw Cores

Zel hand hoof cores

Sparkles handpaws 

Skye Goat Handpaws 

Yellowcake Handpaw Cores

LanceTheWolf Handpaws cores

LanceTheWolf Handpaws cores

Yellowcake Handpaws

Yellowcake Handpaws

4 or 3 Finger Puffy Paws

Select these paws if you want larger puffy paws that grab peoples attention. Great for bapping. For 4 finger paws I default to having the index and middle finger together. If you want a different finger configuration let me know. For 3-finger puffy paws the finger configuration will be the "klingon salute". 

Dexter 4 finger paws

Sparkles bunny 4 finger paws

Lance the wolf 4 finger paws

Xera Wraps moth 3 finger paws

Yellowcake 4 finger paws

Darkieth 4 finger paws

Chomp doggo 4 finger paws

4 finger cores

5 Finger Slim Paws

Select these paws if you want slimmer-sleek paws. These are not as attention grabbing but you can use doorknobs way easier. 

Roki raccoon 5 finger paws

roki paws

Maes 5 finger paws fur inside out

Maes 5 finger paws

Trivean 5 finger paws

Jax foxx 5 finger paw cores

Jax foxx 5 finger paws

Yellowcake 5 finger paws

Yellowcake 5 finger paws

Yellowcake 5 finger silicone paws

Yellowcake 5 finger paws in UV


For the equine and other hoof-ey furs, some suspension of disbelief is necessary for your hands. 

Tora the stallion hoof cores

tora hand hoofs

Zel goat hand hoof cored with patterns

Zel goat hand hoofs

Zel goat with hand hoofs

Skye goat hand hoof cores

skye goat hand hoof fur

skye goat hand hoofs finished


I hand carve all of my pawpad cores from 1 inch foam. You have a variety of options for pawpads, some with surcharges:

Chomp doggo fleece pawpads

Jax foxx leather pawpads

Shiro Sergal leather pawpads

Lance the Wolf minky pawpads

Sparkles Bunny Silicone Pawpads

Sparkles Bunny silicone pawpads

Yellowcake silicone pawpads

Yellowcake UV silicone pawpads

Darkieth (no pawpads)

Skye Goat (no pawpads)

xera wraps moth (no pawpads)


If your sona has claws I have a few options available for you:

I can custom model a special claw shape for you for an additional ~$30. (I reserve the right to use these models for other fursuits afterwards)

If you want me to add pink fleece cuticles to the base of your claws (most applicable to felines) this can be done for an additional $20

3D printed claw model

3D printed claws (same concept on handpaws)

3D printed claws (same concept on handpaws)

sewing together minky claws

fleece handclaws attached to cores

Trivean handpaw cores with attached fleece claws

Lance the Wolf handpaws with attached claws

darkieth cores with attached minky claws