Commissions closed till end of 2024!

I'm taking a temporary 1 year hiatus after finishing the commissions currently in line. This is to get established with a new job as an engineer. After this break I WILL return to suitmaking!

Fursuits, cosplay and more!

What's up! I'm yellowcake, a nuclear jackal (and sometimes protogen). I love making fursuits and all sorts of things. This site chronicles a gallery of my work and should be able to answer most of your questions related to queues, prices, and the services I offer. 

I'm always working on new prototypes, so even if you have plans for crazy commissions, don't hesitate to contact me! 

Future Employment Opportunities

 Plans are in the works to eventually hire a small team of makers for Atomic Fursuits! Check Business Plans / Employment  for more details on positions and wages!

A lot of this website is still in the works! There's too many fursuit pics to fit on one page so check the subpages  Pre-2023 Suit Commissions and Post-2023 Suit Commissions

Check the bottom of this page for a survey on how you like the site!

Getting a fursuit

Before contacting me for a commission (prefer Telegram or Twitter ) I recommend looking over the following pages:

Sale Policies 

Suit Prices & Features 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Commission Queue 

Presentation for the Kent State Furry club